Williams: Support is “why I’m in this position”

Student Congress president shares organization updates, future events

Senior Taylor Williams is currently serving her second term as Student Congress president. She spoke to The Franklin about her experiences as president and what students can expect to see from the organization for the remainder of the academic year. Answers have been edited for space and clarity.

Q: What are you doing differently this year as president?

Williams: This year, I’m working on broadening the community feel, which is reflected in our meetings. It’s more of a time for us to hear from all members of Student Congress to speak instead of just several cabinet members like it was last year, or just a few select people who only talked. Now, it’s a pretty nice flow of discussion between everyone.

Q: Overall, how has this year been different from last?

Williams: Overall, this year’s been different, and I think the branding has a big thing to do with that. I also think since last year, we were low on quota for students. We had a lot of budget cuts last year and a lot of budget mishaps. We also had limited resources, whereas this year, we are full on our resources. We are about to help start up another new organization on campus and allocate them a new budget once they get that requested. That’s pretty awesome.

Q: What challenges have come along with being president?

Williams: There have been quite a few challenges. With me being the face of basically all students, that’s a lot of pressure, and I feel like I have always had a lot of pressure from the faculty. At the same time, I do get a lot of support from faculty, and I get a lot of support from students, which I really appreciate because that’s why I do it. That’s why I’m in this position.

Q: Is there anything for students to look forward to between now and the end of the year?

Williams: As far as the end of the year goes, we’re looking to implement some more structures on Dame Mall, like tables and hammocks for rent. We’re still getting feedback from students to figure out what we’re going to put on campus. We’re trying to implement some type of fundraising event, but I don’t really know what that’s going to look like yet. We will definitely be doing some type of big event where all students can be involved.

Q: How can students become more aware of what Congress is doing on a weekly basis?

Williams: They can attend meetings. They can go ahead and feel free to come up to any Congress member and ask them how the meeting went, ask them what we’re doing.

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