Where Are They Now: The Moseleys take on retirement

For James and Candace Moseley, retirement means creating their dream home in Durham, North Carolina, visiting their grandchildren, and traveling together.

In 2002, James Moseley became the fifteenth president of Franklin College.

During his time here—before he retired—James Moseley’s main responsibility was to make sure everyone at Franklin College worked together to accomplish the college’s major goals.

“This was a rewarding, if occasionally daunting, job,” he said.

Fortunately, Candace was there to help James, and together, they tackled their assignments.

“I particularly enjoyed working with Student Foundation and attending student presentations of many kinds,” Candace said. “I traveled with President Moseley when he visited alumni and friends of the college, as well as foundations.”

James and Candace said, during their time at Franklin College, they met many wonderful people far and wide—students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, parents of students and more.

“Through learning and working together with these good people, our lives were blessed,” James said. “We saw the college move forward gaining strength upon strength.”

In 2015, Thomas Minar became the sixteenth president of the college.

The Moseleys left campus at the end of June 2015.

With a more flexible and relaxed schedule, the couple has been able to focus on themselves and their family.

“Soon after moving, I had a total knee replacement,” James said. “It went wonderfully, and we began to remodel our new home, which is virtually complete—to the extent. A home is never actually ‘finished.’”

James said he also enjoys reading and joined a book club with retired University of North Carolina and Duke University faculty members.

He’s currently reading “The Invention of Nature: Alexander Von Humboldt’s New World” by Andrea Wulf.

Candace said she spends her time with their family, especially with her grandchildren.

She goes to her grandson’s cross-country meets and orchestra concerts and to her granddaughter’s soccer games and dance programs.

But the highlight of their retirement is traveling together to places they have wanted to visit.

“We just returned from two weeks in Alaska,” James said. “And now we are planning three weeks in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.”  

Even though they are 603 miles away, the Moseleys still cheer for Franklin College athletics games when they are broadcasted live online.

“I miss the energy and variety of life on campus,” James said. “But we will always cheer for the Grizzlies online and in our hearts.”

Candace said what she misses most about Franklin College is living on campus, being with students everyday and seeing alumni return for homecoming.

She said it was a pleasure welcoming new students every year and watch them mature into confident upperclassmen.

“The icing on the cake was homecoming,” Candace said, “when those same students, now graduates, would return and share their successes and introduce their families to us.”

Candace said she offers three bits of advice to students: Get involved, get to know someone who is very different from yourself, and get help when you encounter a challenge.

“But the other major piece of advice is to remember to enjoy these four special years,” Candace said.


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