Tips to help avoid the social media distraction

How to be more efficient with your time and not get distracted by social media

In a world where we spend more time being distracted on social media, it can be hard to manage our time. Social media creates hours of distraction when we could be doing other things that are more important. Below are some tips on how to manage your time better and not spend so much time on social media.

1. Prioritize tasks by keeping an agenda.

By keeping an agenda that is not on your phone, you won’t be tempted to check your social media accounts. Prioritize the different things you need to do and time out when you’re going to do each task. By doing this and by following the schedule you develop, you won’t have as much idle time to get distracted by social media.

2. Close social media sites when you’re doing homework.

When you are doing your homework or studying, it would be a good idea to have your social media sites closed. If you are doing research on your laptop and have Facebook open, then the temptation to click on it and scroll through you feed is more than it would be if you had it closed.

3. Turn your phone off or put it out of reach.

It’s tempting to check your phone a couple of times when you are doing your homework. It’s easy to get distracted because social media always holds something more interesting then the work you are doing. While doing your homework, turn your phone off or put it someplace where it’s not easily accessible. Then you won’t have that temptation to look at your phone.

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