The Last Word: March 24, 2017

Time for spring break away from the Frank

By Matt Thomas

If you’re like me, you’re lucky enough to travel to a destination far away from Franklin as part of your spring break plans. Maybe you won’t get to go somewhere next week; but if you do, make the most of it so it’s safe and enjoyable.

Thousands of people head to the beach over spring break to find the warm weather that they have been missing the last few months in Indiana. There’s something about traveling south to the beach for a week that just screams “spring break.” If you’re making the trek down south, remember that just because it’s your “home” for a week, it’s not your permanent home, so treat it respectfully. You’re not the one taking care of the beach during the other 51 weeks of the year.

I understand that a popular pastime on the beach over spring break is to drink. Should you choose to participate, make sure you’re safe and smart about it. Never leave your drink unattended, and never accept drinks from strangers. You may think this is just a “random act of kindness” or something along those lines, but you never know with people anymore. Clean up your mess after your fun on the beach, as well. There’s nothing worse than seeing a beach completely covered in red Solo cups. 

If you’re taking the different route and heading somewhere that’s not a beach, there is still plenty of fun to be had. Even if the weather is colder where you’re traveling, you can always find something to do in the city. Use the internet to discover things to do — Google is a beautiful invention. 

Explore different stores and restaurants in the city that you’re visiting, and try to spend your time and money in places you wouldn’t typically be able to visit in Franklin or your hometown. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you’re going for spring break. You can make any place enjoyable if you try hard enough. Spring break is what you make of it.

How you can make a ‘staycation’ worthwhile

By Ashley Steeb

We’re halfway into the semester, and it is finally time to celebrate with a week away from the worries of class, homework and projects.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about spring break is the sand between my toes. But sometimes, those trips to the shore can be very costly.

That’s why I am here to reassure you that not all fun plans involve breaking the bank or leaving the state.

The best thing about Indiana is no matter what your interests are, there is always something to do during your staycation.

  1. Brookville Lake may not be Ft. Myers, but it still offers a plethora of activities for spring breakers who want to enjoy the water. Visitors can spend the day swimming, boating and fishing. Other activities include hiking, bike trails and archery. The lake is located in Brookville, Indiana — 60 miles east of campus.
  2. Indiana basketball fans can catch a Pacers game when the team plays the Minnesota Timberwolves on March 28. Make it a date night with one-of-a-kind tacos at Bakersfield on Massachusetts Avenue.
  3. Small-town girls and boys can find ‘90s-band Journey in Fort Wayne or Evansville on March 30 and April 1, respectively. Headed to the Evansville show? Be sure to stop in at Turoni’s Pizzery and Brewery for delicious pizza and vegetarian options. Going north to Fort Wayne? Try out Coney Island’s classic chili dogs and hamburgers at rock-bottom prices.
  4. Bacon, bacon and more bacon. Check out the Baconfest in Chicago. If you’re looking for all-you-can-eat bacon samples, the UIC Forum is the place to be on March 31. 

As you can see, spring break doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive to be fun. Stay close to home, save some money and enjoy your spring break.

MOVIE REVIEW: A tale as old as time gets new look

By Brittney Corum

I applaud Disney of its rendition of the classic 1991 fairytale, “Beauty and the Beast.” Growing up, I remember watching the original film, dancing to the eloquent soundtrack, dreaming about the magical characters and reliving the story in my mind as if I were Belle. 

I must say I was a little worried when I heard about the remake. What could they possibly do to one of my all-time favorite Disney films?

But needless to say, Disney did a phenomenal job with the film adaptation, which I made a priority to see during its opening weekend. 

There are a number of things Disney did well with this film. First of all, a majority of the original soundtrack was present in the new film with only a few new songs. Even so, the new songs fit in perfect with the classics.

As I continue to talk about the film’s soundtrack, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the greatest song of this movie, “Be Our Guest.” The biggest fear I had going into the movie was that they would turn the scene into a CGI nightmare, but I was nevertheless amazed by how magical it turned out. 

It had to be one of my favorite musical numbers in the film. 

But during the song “Beauty and the Beast,” I found myself patiently waiting for Chip the Teacup (Nathan Mack) to sing his line at the end, but it never came. That spoiled the song for me.

I was also disappointed with the fact that Belle’s father was instead portrayed as an artist rather than the whimsical inventor we all know and love him to be.

But what surprised me the most was my newfound love for LeFou (Josh Gad) even more than I imagined. I found him to be more driven, and I was ultimately surprised to see him as a guide to Gaston (Luke Evans).

All in all, the rendition of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” was exceptional. Thank you, Disney, for inviting me to be your guest for one phenomenal film.

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