“The Clean House” plays through this weekend

Now through Sunday, the college theater department will be performing the play “The Clean House” by Sarah Ruhl. 

The play tells a story of love, loss, change and redemption, all wrapped up in the genre of comedy. 

“The Clean House” is about a couple, Lane and Charles, and the people who touch their lives — the Brazilian maid, who doesn’t like to clean; a sister, who has a big crush on her sister’s husband; and the woman patient, who starts an affair with Charles. 

This is freshman Juliet Lowry’s first performance in a Franklin College production. She plays Virginia, Lane’s sister. 

“[My character is a] neat-freak housewife with no children,” Lowry said. “She is not extremely satisfied with her life, and her husband doesn’t exactly thrill her either. She wishes she would have done something more in her younger years, and now wants ‘a task’ to distract her from the monotony of everyday life. She also has a bit of a crush on her sister’s husband.” 

Lowry said she hopes the audience will get lots of laughter out of the play. 

“The play reminds me to laugh at myself and that we can all find humor even when life seems to throw unbearable things at us,” she said. 

Sophomore Ariel Halstead plays Anna, another woman and love interest for Charles. 

“[My character is a] free spirit with breast cancer who falls in love with the doctor performing the mastectomy on her,” Halstead said. 

Halstead said she also hopes the performance leaves the audience in stiches. 

“I hope that the audience leaves laughing and contemplating whether or not they believe in soulmates,” she said. 

“The Clean House” premiered Wednesday. The performances will continue with 8 p.m. performances today, March 10 and tomorrow, March 11. On Sunday, there’s a 2 p.m. performance. 

Tickets are free with a Franklin College I.D. All performances will be in Theatre Margot in the Johnson Center for Fine Arts.

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