Column: Balancing sports and academics

November 30, 2017 0

Tips on how to be successful chasing multiple activities Balancing academic and athletic responsibilities is always tough, but it can be done.  Regardless of what you are studying or what sport you are playing, there Read More

Q&A with Dr. Rush

November 30, 2017 0

The Franklin talked to psychology professor Ryan Rush, who specializes in memory, about how students can best prepare for their final exams. This interview was edited for space and clarity. Q: What is memory and Read More

Video & Story: Five tips for surviving finals week

December 3, 2015 0

By Caitlin Soard 1. Sleep.  Getting eight hours is critical to doing well on exams. Pulling an all-nighter the night before a big final actually harms performance. 2. Use the 50-10 rule.  The 50-10 rule Read More