Swimming and Diving looks to remain unbeaten heading into the UK Invitational

By: Jackson Barnes


With the UK Invite looming and a still undefeated season on the line, the swimming and diving teams are confident heading into their next challenge.

“I think being undefeated can give a false-sense of confidence to some extent,” head coach Andrew Hendricks said. “We do not focus on that record at all. We focus on individual improvement through race planning, mental preparation, and technique improvements.”

The team is functioning on all cylinders preparing for the UK Invite and is ready to go, Hendricks said.

“If we perform, the wins and losses will work themselves out in this sport because times on a clock don’t lie.  Moreover, our team is focused to perform well at both the University of Kentucky Invitational and the Liberal Arts Championships.  These two meets serve as distinct testaments to the progress we have made as a team.”

The energy is higher than ever as the swimmers are prepared for this upcoming meet.

“The energy on the team is very high right now,” freshman Jackson Hughes said. “We know that through our hard work during practices, we can compete in any meet we swim in. Times are dropping fast, and dives are getting better at a very rapid pace. It is great time for FC Swimming and Diving.”

All year, the swimmers have been focused and have seen victory in every contest so far, making it a successful season.

“Hard work and dedication to the program have definitely attributed to the swimming and diving teams success this season,” junior Carly Fernandes said. “Everyone has remained focused and continued to push each other throughout the season so far. As long as we maintain mental toughness, I expect the team to continue to do well.”

Hughes said he believes the success has come from all of the hard work the team has put in.

“The expression ‘practice makes perfect’ has never been truer, and for us as a team, we push ourselves quite hard until our times or dives are where we believe they need to be,” Hughes said.

Hendricks believes this year’s team has a very good balance.

“The pride, passion and perseverance on display each day in practice has been very evident this season,” Hendricks said. “Each year, we get smarter about our training and keep open lines of communication between coaches and athletes so everyone understands why we do what we do.  Every athlete on the team has a desire to be better.”

The Grizzlies will travel to the University of Kentucky where events will start tomorrow at 10 a.m.

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