Students with multiple majors try to satisfy all interests

By Jessica Kaiser

Less than 2 percent of students at the college currently major in more than two subjects.

According to the Academic Records Office, 16 students have at least three majors.

Although it may seem like having three majors would be stressful, the level of stress varies according to different students.

Sophomore Cole Falco is actually a quadruple major, majoring in mathematics peer, mathematics applied, mathematics quantitative analysis and economics.

“Although I have four majors, three of them are very related,” Falco said. “I feel like you could be stressed out with a single major. It just depends on the time.”

Sophomore Megan West is a triple major in theatre, creative writing and English. She said although she is very organized, she still feels stressed sometimes.

“Usually I feel quite on top of things,” West said. “But there are sometimes that I’m buried under my work.”

West said she decided to triple major because she wanted to study all of her interests rather than pick and choose.

“I was hoping to find a major that catered to all my tastes at once,” West said. “I found that I just couldn’t find one at Franklin that covered everything I wanted to do.”

West said her majors are training her to become a “professional storyteller.”

“I would like to become the head of a theatre department at a high school,” she said.

West recently directed “Into the Woods,” a production put on by Franklin Community High School’s Performing Arts Department.

For the most part, the students’ majors have similar courses that satisfy their multiple majors.

Senior Levi Remley, a first-generation college student, is a business marketing, financial and management triple major with a minor in economics.

“As a business major, there is a little bit of overlap,” Remley said. “I’m not going to have 180 credits or anything.”

Remley wants to start his own business someday. Some of his business ideas include a CrossFit gym and an app creation.

“I wish I could be a student forever,” Remley said. “I really like to learn.”

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