Students shouldn’t feel pressured to join everything

In college, it is not uncommon for a student to feel as though they don’t have enough time in a day complete all the tasks the need or aim to accomplish. 

Depending on the student’s major, homework could take more than three hours to complete in one night. Don’t forget the three to four hours of class throughout the day. After factoring in the extracurricular meetings, time to eat, a job, a social life and “me time,” students begin to reach a tipping point. 

Quite frankly, college students never stop.

Time and time again, we’re encouraged to be involved on campus through clubs, classes and events. After all, this involvement must lead to success. With just four years on this campus, we have to find a way to do everything and graduate on time. 

When students first step onto campus, they’re greeted with fliers and pamphlets from every single club, sport and Greek organization on campus. This pressure to join not only comes from the institution itself, but from parents, peers, professors and friends. The selling point? “This club is bound to provide you with a more enriching experience over the next four years.”

A more enriching experience, or a more stressful and experience? 

This pressure oftentimes has the power to leave students feeling stressed, taking on more than they have time for. 

Extracurricular activities are greatly emphasized on this campus, especially with the amount of events the college hosts. However, students may feel pressured to attend these events that they have no time for, simply because it is required for a class or club. This leads to canceling other commitments like work or practice.

After being faced with so much, students could begin cutting back on their duties, neglecting to give it their all. 

Students with jobs have additional pressure. Several members of the student body pay for their own tuition, usually with their own paycheck. If they have to call off for something, that could not only affect their financial stability but their ability to earn the money they need for school and activities. 

While it’s important to be active in school events, whether it be by joining a club or playing a sport, students should prioritize. Narrow your activities down to what has the greatest impact on your future, what is causing the least amount of stress and what is most enjoyable. 

We should continue to encourage incoming students to get involved on campus, but don’t pressure them into joining everything the college has to offer. These organizations are great, but they aren’t absolutely necessary in order to have a fun and fulfilling college experience.

OUR POSITION: The staff believes that campus involvement is important, but students should not feel pressured to join every activity offered.


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