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The land of opportunity doesn’t necessarily always mean equal opportunity.

The wage gap controversy in America has grown over social media and was rejuvenated recently when actress Jennifer Lawrence was unhappy to learn she earned millions less than her male co-starts.

The wage gap refers to the relationship between earning wages of men and women. In 2013, women earned 78.3 percent as much as men nationally.

The wage gap controversy focuses more on the difference between men and women as two groups, rather than the racial divisions within these groups. Latina or Hispanic women only make 53 percent to each male dollar, and African American women earn 60 percent. Asian women earn the most, but still only 87 percent compared to men according to

Non-white men are also affected. According to, in 2013, black men made 75.1 percent and Hispanic or Latino men 67.2 percent compared to white men.

The controversy even crept into the theater. Not only are women less represented in films are paid less than their male co-stars. Women are also less likely to hold lead roles or even speaking parts according to the Huffington Post. In 2012, men played seventy percent of speaking roles for the 100 highest-grossing films.



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