Sports column: A second chance for Hamilton

By Ben Brown

Major League Baseball got a special talent in 1999 when Josh Hamilton was drafted.

Hamilton’s career did not last long as he battled injuries most of his first season and began experimenting with drug use. He eventually dropped out of the league in 2004 due to failing drug tests.

Two years later Hamilton was reinstated but wouldn’t shine until he was picked up by the Texas Rangers in 2008.

Just recently, Hamilton relapsed while on the disabled list for the Angels. According to ESPN, Hamilton turned himself in.

Following that, he was traded away from the Angels back to the Rangers. There was no suspension. That has been big news recently considering all the past suspensions caused from steroid use.

In a recent press conference Hamilton said, “I need baseball. I love baseball. I’ve been playing it since I was 3 years old.”

I won’t argue that Hamilton should or should not be suspended, but I want to believe his words from his press conference.

Teams bring these players straight out of school and throw lots of money at them, some mistakes will be made along the way.

According to ESPN, he is tested for drugs and alcohol five times a week and also took the initiative to check himself into a support group.

Hamilton is going through a divorce, which in turn is probably going to ensue a custody battle for his four daughters.

I am satisfied with the MLB’s decision to not suspend him and let him play the sport that kept him clean for several years, on the team he did it.

Most importantly, I am hopeful for him to prove that people can change, as his baseball career will soon come to an end. It seems that 33-year-old Hamilton will have one last shot in the spotlight, hopefully this time for the right reasons.

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