Sodexo employee loves to serve others, from kitchens to dog shows

By Zoie Richey

Most people probably don’t know what Sodexo performance chef Steve SeRine does when he’s not serving food.

The person who plates your General Tso’s chicken is also a dog show judge, dog trainer and author.

SeRine has been in the dog show business for more than 30 years, earning him the title of one of the top two dog trainers in the nation.

His interest in dog shows was sparked by his love of animals after living on a farm during his childhood.

One of SeRine’s students shows the top ranked Doberman Pinscher in the United States.

He said he taught her everything she knows about showing dogs in competitions.

“I don’t train dogs; I teach people how to train dogs,” SeRine said. “It’s harder to train people than it is to train animals.”

In 2005, SeRine published a book about his experiences with dogs and dog shows.

Called “The Finishing Touch,” the book is a compilation of 30 years of notes from his teachings.

The book has been a bestseller in China and Japan, and about 200 copies are still being sold each month even after its release 10 years ago. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

SeRine has written two other unpublished books. One book is a sequel to “The Finishing Touch” and the other is his first attempt at writing fiction.

“With the books I have written so far, I really felt that I needed to write [them] because there was information that people needed to know,” SeRine said.

Though he has many passions, including culinary arts, his favorite thing to do is teach people.

“I love to teach,” SeRine said. “Teaching is the thing that I’ve done all of my life.”

SeRine said if he could have any job in the world, he would be a culinary arts instructor at a college.

“Anything I’ve ever done is to serve people,” he said. “Just like I do here.”

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