Sodexo board gives students power of suggestion

Franklin College’s dining service, Sodexo, offers a variety of options, but some students say it doesn’t go far enough.

“I pay $3.75 every day, and only end up getting a salad or a bowl of cereal,” junior Elisia Ott said. “It’s not really worth it. At the beginning of the year, I noticed that there were menu changes, which were a good start.”

But Ott said as the year went on, she noticed a lack of choices and options. She said she feels it is almost a better option to go to a local fast food restaurant to get more variety.

That’s why Sodexo Executive Chef Rosie Neel decided to start a “what you crave” board, which she said is different than the typical suggestion cards.

The suggestion cards in Sodexo are used for students, staff and community members to write their thoughts and feelings about the food, regulations and services.

Suggestions left on the cards range from positive comments to suggestions about faster service.

But the “what you crave” board offers students a way to make suggestions about what they would like to see implemented in the dining service, Neel said.

Neel said the idea came after she heard conversations from student’s not being pleased with the options Sodexo offers.

“I wanted students to feel like they have a say in their options in the dining hall,” Neel said.

If students have a certain item or meal they crave, they are encouraged to write their suggestion on the board.

“As a staff, if we think enough students would enjoy the item, we will take the meal into consideration,” Neel.

Neel said not as many students have left suggestions as she thought would, but said she hopes more students will become aware of the board and leave suggestions.

According to Neel, some suggestions have already been put into use, including the macaroni bar and recipes for the recent crepe bar.

“I hope to see more students putting suggestions on the board,” Neel said. “If they do, we will start to receive better feedback.”

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