Sodexo Behind the Glass: Students must notify Sodexo when drink machines need to be refilled

By Ellie Price

Although students sometimes complain to their friends about Sodexo’s drink machines not having enough syrup, Les Petroff, food services director, said he relies on students to let employees know when it is not working.

Petroff said all of the soft drink machines inside and outside the serving area have lines that run downstairs where employees can add five-gallon bags of Coke and Pepsi.

Petroff said he doesn’t drink Coke, so unless a Sodexo employee tries to get a drink and realizes it’s out or a student tells an employee, Petroff doesn’t know to add another bag.

“It’s not like we have a system or alarms that tell us,” Petroff said. “It’s when someone says, ‘Hey, Coke is out,’ and then we go down and change the Coke.”

Freshman Leah Richards said she gets annoyed when the drinks run out.

“Sometimes I really want Dr. Pepper,” Richards said. “And it’s not there, and I get mad.”

Petroff said he hasn’t remembered a time when Sodexo has run out of a Coke or Pepsi product completely. But that’s not the case with juice, he said.

When Sodexo runs out of juice, an employee puts an “out of order” sign on the machine inside the serving area to let students know juice is not available. The machine isn’t broken, Petroff said.

He said it’s hard to determine how much juice to keep in stock. Sometimes, Sodexo goes through six containers of juice per week. Another week, Petroff uses 12 containers.

“As the weather gets nicer, we tend to see those things run out,” he said.

If a Coke or Pepsi machine breaks, Petroff said he will call a repair person who typically fixes the machine within two to four hours.

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