Sodexo Behind the Glass: Portion sizes

By Kaitlyn Short

Although some students feel that portion sizes served in Sodexo are inexact and that there is unfair treatment between students, Food Services Director Les Petroff said this shouldn’t be the case.

“Every recipe we have comes with a portion size,” Petroff said. “I can tell you most of them are either 4 ounce or 5 ounce portions. Now if it’s a piece of turkey we slice, obviously every slice won’t be the same. But in every one of our recipes there are portion sizes.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 2.26.13 PMPetroff said the recipes even dictate the size of the utensils that should be used to serve the food in order to get the correct portion sizes.

All servers are given specific instructions when it comes to serving food and the correct portion size each student should be given, Petroff said.

“We have a standard,” he said. “We like to be consistent. Our employees are supposed to follow the guidelines.”

Petroff addresses employees if an inconsistency comes to his attention.

“If we catch our employees over-portioning, we’ll say ‘Remember you have to do everyone the same,’” Petroff said. “The reason is – especially when there’s a line – everybody has a chance to come back for seconds, thirds, or fourths.”

Petroff said he encourages students to go through the line and be served and then go back for more later.

“I think that according to national standards, the portion sizes are what they should be,” freshman Andrea Underwood said. “They’re healthy sizes. But that’s not what students want though. We want more than they give us.”

“I’m not saying I’ve never seen an employee give more, but they shouldn’t,” Petroff said. “I’ve seen students who’ve built relationships with servers. I see them stand there and talk, so I know that people are friends with each other. So I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, but again, it shouldn’t.”

“If a guy with a football shirt comes up and asks for a plate of food and behind him there’s a small girl, the guy gets larger portions than the girl,” Underwood said. “Whether by accident or on purpose, it does happen.”

“Male, female, athlete, non-athlete; it should be the same for every student,” Petroff said.

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