Sodexo Behind the Glass: Menu board inaccuracies

By Caitlin Soard

Sodexo’s cafeteria was remodeled two years ago, adding five 46-inch TV screens above each of the stations to serve as menu boards.

Food Services Director Les Petroff said this is an improvement over the 8.5 by 11 sheets of paper Sodexo previously used that somebody had to type up every day and that were hard to see if the line was very long.

“It’s obviously the newest technology,” Petroff said. “It’s just awful nice to have a 46-inch TV above each station so as you’re in line, you can look and see for nutritional reasons and for health reasons. It even lists some of the nutritional information such as sodium and calories.”

Melissa Harvey, Sodexo’s supervisor, said that all menus should be accessible via the Franklin College website and nutritional information via Sodexo’s website.

The program Sodexo uses to create the menu boards is called Scala, but sometimes it is the reason behind mistakes on the boards. Harvey said the screens take information from Scala, which takes the menu information from their web program.

“Sometimes that communication gets messed up in that area,” Harvey said.

Petroff said incorrect boards can also be a result of human error or a delay in Scala’s programing.

There is a box that has to be checked or unchecked in order to put menus up on the screens, and sometimes when the screen is flashing yesterday’s menu, it is due to human error.

Running out of items in specialty lines can also cause incorrect boards.

“Basically what’ll happen there is if they say ‘Uh oh, I don’t have enough of this,’ or we run out, when you go to change it it’s about a 15 minute delay,” Petroff said. “On fish days it’s been interesting. I guess because of Lent we’ve been going through so much fish that we’re going from cod to Pollock or whatever happens.”

Senior Taylor Thompson said she thinks there could be some improvements with Sodexo’s use of the boards for students and patrons of Sodexo who do not have unlimited meal swipes.

“I think that they should have put a small screen outside the area so that we could see what was being served without wasting our money and time only to find out you don’t want what is served,” Thompson said.

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