Senior showcasing art in JCFA exhibit this week

Photo by Nicole Hernandez.

Senior Tim Morris didn’t know he liked graphic design until his senior year of high school. 

“In all honesty, I was pushed very hard to look into science or engineering, and I knew with graphic design, that it worked from a marketing aspect. And I wouldn’t have to crunch numbers so much,” he said. “I can do math. I’m not a fan of math.” 

He decided to follow his passion when he came to Franklin College. And this May, Morris will graduate with a studio art graphic design degree. 

Right now, Morris is displaying a selection of his artwork from the last four years in the Johnson Center for Fine Arts atrium, including graphic design, illustrations, photography and painting. 

He is one of just two seniors gradating with a studio art degree, according to a college press release announcing the senior art exhibits. Kelly Marcelo, whose work was on display last week, is the other. 

Morris said finding the creative side of graphic design is challenging — but fulfilling. He also said he’s remained interested in graphic design because of the continued growth in the field. 

“Even during the recession, the job market for graphic design has been growing year after year,” he said. “And every business, no matter who you are, is going to need some form of marketing. And I can fit that niche from a packaging and a print sort of standpoint.” 

While at Franklin, he said art professors David Cunningham, Wendy Shapiro and Svetlana Rakic were all influential in his development. 

“[Their teaching] helped develop me as both a person and a professional artist, and they really dig in deep on that professional part of being an artist, which really benefits me in the long run,” he said. 

With graduation quickly approaching, Morris has already started the process of applying for jobs. He’s applied for multiple jobs at Notre Dame University, where he has previously worked as a chauffeur and a proctor for one of their science programs. 

“I’ve worked there before, and I’m hoping to get back in with a focus on what I do for a living,” he said. “If not, I will probably try to work freelance around town until I can find some sort of job where I could be more permanent and dig into the company.” 

Out of all his artwork, Morris said he doesn’t have favorite piece yet. But he does have a piece that helped him decide not to switch to be a public relations major instead of studio art. 

“Is it my favorite piece? I don’t know,” he said. “I have a whole lifetime to create a body of work. It’s like picking your favorite kid. It’s not really a thing.” 

Morris’ work will be on display in the JCFA atrium until next Tuesday, May 2.


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