Senior farewell: Use education to be impactful

By Olivia Covington

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said, “I’m just so over this” lately.

The end of the school year is always hard, especially for college seniors. Not only are we dealing with finals, but we’re also trying to find jobs, rent apartments and basically figure out the rest of our lives. NBD.

But every time I think I can’t write one more paper, send one more email or complete one more job application, something brings me back to reality. Because as hard as college is, someone has it worse. The degrees we’re after might be hard to attain, but for most of the world, they’re unreachable.

So before we complain about all the work that goes into completing college, we should stop and think about how our education can help others around the world.

I’m a journalist, and I’ve often dreamed of travelling the world and using my writing to shed a light on global issues. But students from any major, not just journalism, can use their education to make a difference.

History majors can use their knowledge of the past to find a solution for the future, theatre majors can use their acting skills to put distance problems in a real-life perspective and biology majors can create and administer medicine to save lives.

College is hard. Trust me, I know. But sometimes we need a reminder that it could be so much worse. So do some research, read the news and try to find a way to help. That’s the only way to make all of your academic efforts worth it in the end.

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