Renovations to sports facilities in thought

Athletic Director Kerry Prather said there are no immediate large-scale renovations happening to the college’s sports facilities, but there are a lot of plans on the horizon.

Prather said the Franklin College Athletic Department created a master plan that dictates what renovations the department pursues and the budget for a specific amount of years.

“A lot of things are up and coming regarding facilities,” Prather said. “Nothing in the near future, but five to 10 years down the road, be on the lookout.”

There have been some signs of improvements, however. Recently, a mural collage of Franklin College’s key players and sports moments was placed in Spurlock Center hallway.

All money and proceeds for the mural were donated by Kenneth Dunn, a Franklin College alum.

Some other renovations awaiting completion include new treadmills for the cardio room and new weights for the weight room in the Spurlock Center. Replacing the turf on the football field is also being considered.

There are still a few years left for the current master plan to be completed, but Prather said there are already some ideas being considered for the next plan, including a campus swimming pool.

Currently, the swimmers use Franklin Community Middle School’s pool facilities for practices and meets.

“It’s important to remember when the master plan was created years ago, swimming wasn’t even offered yet,” Prather said. “In the future, when the master plan is updated, implementing a swimming pool will likely be in conversation.”

Another idea in consideration is a field house. It would serve as an indoor field for all sporting uses and could help resolve all weather problems.

But Prather said this would be costly. A field house without a swimming pool is about $15 to 20 million.

Renovating the Fitness Center is also an additional option the department is considering.

“The old gym has a heck ton of potential and will never be torn down,” Prather said. “That doesn’t mean it can’t be renovated.”

Updating the pool in the basement could be a part of the plans for the building.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that the old gym has a full basement,” Prather said. “There’s a pool down there with nothing but stuff in it now but could be updated and renovated if that was addressed.”

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