Religious Life to add Sunday chapel service

The college’s Religious Life team will soon host Sunday services in addition to the current Tuesday services.

Rev. Leah Rumsey, campus minister, said she was approached by members of the Franklin College community about the benefits and convenience of offering a late-morning Sunday service on campus.

“We’re offering it primarily in response to folks who have expressed that interest,” Rumsey said.

Tuesday services are currently led and hosted by Franklin College’s Religious Life team of Franklin College students.

They will also lead the Sunday services, planned to begin during spring semester.

Junior Sara McGannon, who is part of the department’s team, said the goal of the Sunday services is to provide a supportive church community for those who may not have a church they can call home.

“We also plan on offering volunteer opportunities and fun outings so that everyone can feel welcomed and be involved — no matter what religious background they may come from,” McGannon said.

Rumsey said she hopes the Sunday services will also create a worship experience relevant to the needs of Franklin College as an academic community.

Helping the college approach big questions through the lens of Christian faith is what Rumsey said was her biggest goal.

Although the chapel services on both Sundays and Tuesdays are explicitly Christian and designed to service those of the Christian faith, Ramsey said everyone is welcome.

“I think a Christian worship service has much to offer, even for people who are not Christian, but folks should be aware that it will be an explicitly Christian context,” Ramsey said.

The college’s religious life program, as a whole, seeks to serve students of all faiths and no faiths.

Rumsey said this background ensures the chapel services are welcoming and inclusive of students of all faith backgrounds.

Planning for the Sunday services will take place during Winter Term.

Rumsey and McGannon both said they hope more detailed plans will be ironed out then.

But for now, they have a plan for the start of the Sunday chapel services.

“In the beginning, this service will likely be somewhat similar to our Tuesday services, but I anticipate that it will grow and change based on who attends and what their needs and interests are,” Rumsey said.

Junior Taylor Condre, another student leader in the department, said she looks forward to adding additional services for the Franklin College community.

“I am very excited about the Sunday Chapels, and I hope we have a large turnout,” Condre said.

McGannon agreed.

“Being in religious life, our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming environment for people of all faiths,” she said. “I am excited to see what is to come with these new Sunday services.”

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