Pro/Con: Syrian refugee debate

PRO: Not “American” to turn away Syrians looking for a better life

By Dannielle Blunt

The nation is uproar after the ISIS attacks launched in November, constantly debating whether or not the United States should allow Syrian refugees to enter the country.

Back in September, the White house announced its plan to allow 10,000 refugees to enter the country in the next fiscal year.

Over half the nation’s governors – including Indiana’s best, Mike Pence – have been less than open to the idea of this.

One reason so many people will be upset if the United States allows Syrian refugees is that they’re afraid ISIS will sneak in alongside the refugees. While this is an understandable fear, this may be a risk we have to take.

As of Nov. 19, only seven state governors said they will accept Syrian refugees.


Out of fifty.

That means 43 states either have no stance or are refusing to cooperate. What does that mean for the refugees?

If we don’t want to accept them, where will they have to go? How will they escape the harsh realities that they live every day?

For many of these Syrians, we may be their last hope, and we’re denying them of that because of their Muslim backgrounds.

Some people, like Jeb Bush are saying we should only allow Christian refugees to enter the country.

As President Barack Obama said, it wouldn’t be “American” to use religion as a filter.

If France is deciding to accept 30,000 refugees over the next two years after Paris was attacked by ISIS (again), why isn’t the United States following?

Why are we still so against helping refugees?

If we really are the “Land of Opportunity,” then let’s show it by giving Syrian refugees the opportunity to have a better life.


CON: Americans safety should be first priority

By Megan Powell

I’m going to be honest with you, when I saw that I would be writing the for the pro con section for the opinion board, I had no idea what my stance on this issue would be.

Not saying that I don’t know what is going on in the world with the War on Terror, the Paris attack, natural disasters, to the recent breaking reports on what really happened to AirAsia 850 and the rest of the Malaysia Airlines airplane tragic crashes and disappearances.

Not knowing what I exactly thought about Syrian refugee situation, I talked to friends, my dad, and did some of my own research.

After listening and seeing at least 50 or so articles over this topic, I understand both sides, but I tend to agree with people who believe we should not accept refugees into the United States.

Now, before you stop reading, know one thing – I am in the middle.

But, when it comes to safety and being able to protect those who I love, I am all for protecting our national borders.

I’m not saying that all Syrians and Middle Easterners are apart is ISIS. That would be like me saying that all white, Christian Americans are a part of the KKK, which is not true.

The reason why we should protect our borders is simple, we do not want to risk another terrorist attack on our soil equivalent or worse to Sept. 11.

We have been attacked once and in the past month, unfortunately, Paris knows some of the tragedy that we went through on that cold dark day in 14 years ago in New York, New York.

I know that there are parents wanting a better life for their children, I know that there are people who just want out, I know. I’m a compassionate and understanding person and I want to help everyone, but I will always put my family above all things.

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11 Comments on Pro/Con: Syrian refugee debate

  1. Megan Powell needs to do more research. No refugee has been charged with terrorism, and it would be a horrible irony to not help refugees who are fleeing the war which involves ISIS. Furthermore, ISIS has called the refugees traitors “It is correct for Muslims to leave the lands of the infidel for the lands of Islam, but not vice versa,”. Anyway, the plane hijackers that did 9/11 used tourist and student visas to get into the USA.

    • Obviously you are the one who needs to do more research. You remember the attack in Paris? That was committed by a man who entered the country as a refugee. So before you go on acting like you know everything. Check your facts.

  2. and by the way they aren’t only not letting refugees in because of ISIS its also they are afraid the same thing as 9/11 will happen and their afraid there will be too many jobs taken and soon people will have no money and start stealing increasing the crime rate.

    tell me if you have no idea what i just said.😀

  3. maybe you should proof read your work before you publish it because by just skimming through the article I could spot at least five grammar errors which makes you look very unprofessional and makes me not really want to listen to what you have to say. just saying.

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