Pro vs. Con: FC’s school year ends late

Pro: Winter Term benefits outweigh late summer start

By Paige Clark

Who loves J-Term?

Majority rules.

During January, people love J-Term.

During J-term, you could be at an internship developing your professional skills. Or taking an easy class and developing your Netflix watching skills. Or, if you’re lucky, you’re overseas emerging yourself in a study abroad opportunity, and you’re not paying an arm and a leg (potentially just elbow down) because it’s J-term.

But people don’t love J-term around May. In May, Franklin College students are reminded of the consequences of J-term when all their high school friends that didn’t choose a liberal arts education are out of school and already making money at their summer job or doing nothing and laying by the family pool, posting hella pics on Instagram.

But in the end, I think the pros of J-term outweigh the extra week or two we are in class.

So many students from other colleges complain that they don’t have as many internship opportunities or chances to study abroad like Franklin College students do.

Also, because J-term is so short, it gives you just a taste of what each workplace is like. And if you don’t like it, you only have to survive three weeks, as opposed to other schools where students can only can do semester or summer internships and have to survive about 10-12 weeks.

And, yes, we get out a bit later than most colleges. But we live in the Midwest. There’s no summer weather until the end of May anyway, so what are you really missing out on?

Con: Late school year takes time away from friends

By Caitlin Soard

This week alone, I’ve gotten multiple texts asking me when I’m coming home for the summer.

All of my friends from other colleges are taking their finals this week, and they’ll be home for the summer by the end of April, more likely than not.

Meanwhile, we have a little less than a month of classes to suffer through. Kill me now, please.

The fact that we don’t get out of college until mid-May is enough to drive anyone off the deep end — especially when you consider that we haven’t gotten a break since spring break. That doesn’t sound like very long to go without a break, but by that point in the semester, everyone is so burnt out on the endless – mostly sleepless – cycle of classes and homework.

I know the reason we get out later than other colleges is because of our January term, but honestly, I’d rather get out in April and not get a J-Term. I’ve never really done anything with a J-term that wasn’t something I could’ve done another time. I got denied when I tried to travel abroad, and that’s the only thing that brought any appeal to J-term.

The end of spring semester is always a struggle, but it’s particularly a struggle when all of your friends are posting selfies by the pool or hanging out together at your favorite bar.

To everyone else who’s feeling my pain, just be comforted by the fact that one: it’s almost over, and two: we don’t have to come back until almost September.

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