Pro vs. Con: Breast feeding in public, is it right?

By Dannielle Blunt


As a woman, I should have the right to feed my future children wherever and whenever I need to, even if that means I need to pull my breast from my shirt and take care of business in the middle of the park.

What would you rather deal with: a hungry, screaming baby, or a boob?

In all honesty, I don’t think hearing a baby scream is the greater of the two options.

Being a mother is isolating enough as it is. Who are you to tell a woman to leave the room, to go home or to stay at home, because you don’t want to see her feed her child the way her body was designed to?

Being a mother, especially a mother of a child young enough to breastfeed, takes a lot out of a woman and the last thing she wants to hear is that she shouldn’t be allowed to feed her baby.

It would be far too expensive for a woman to go home every time she needed to nurse anyway; gas is expensive and being able to breastfeed in public saves her a few dollars here and there.

When a child is hungry, his or her right to nurse should always come before anybody’s discomfort. Nobody’s is forcing anybody to look at a woman while she nurses. If you don’t want to look, don’t. Chances are, the woman feels uncomfortable when you stare at her breast anyway.

People should not feel uncomfortable when they see a woman breastfeeding. This is normal and does not need to be hidden.


By Jessica Kaiser


Sometimes you can’t take food into gymnasiums or auditoriums, which is not ideal but acceptable. And sometimes, there’s not a designated breastfeeding area in public places, which is not ideal but you have to accept it.

Breastfeeding in public has become so controversial these days. Should woman be allowed to breastfeed their children, whenever and wherever they want? No.

Well, I personally think it’s disgusting. I get that it’s a natural part of life, but seriously.

Do we use the bathroom in public? No.

There are tons of things that are natural that we don’t do in public. I for sure don’t want to be out with my future children and have to explain why there is a woman with her breast out.

Also, it just makes me uncomfortable. Call me old fashioned, but I believe that your breasts are for you and your spouse’s eyes only.

Imagine that you’re on a nice dinner date with your spouse and you’re having a great time. That is until you get a whole eye full of a woman with her breast hanging out. Sorry, but that would ruin my appetite.

My whole thing is why don’t you go to the bathroom to breastfeed? Do you change your baby at the dinner table because it’s a natural part of life? No, because it’s disgusting, just like breastfeeding in public is.

So put up your breasts and go into a bathroom stall, because no one wants to see that, unless they’re weird and really like to see breasts with babies attached to them.

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1 Comment on Pro vs. Con: Breast feeding in public, is it right?

  1. Why of course babies should be allowed to eat in public without restriction.

    What works for one mother doesn’t work for all and what works for one child doesn’t work for all.

    Calls for modesty and discretion are laughable in a way. Who’s idea of modesty and discretion dictate breastfeeding? Different people have different ideas on those concepts which makes those phrases far too subjective.

    Breastfeeding isn’t about anything other than meeting the basic needs of a child…. A child not capable of understanding social mores or regulating basic needs.

    It’s okay to be uncomfortable, that is a part of being a human being, but as adults who are capable of regulating and processing our own feelings, we can’t expect others to shoulder the responsibility of our own emotional comfort.

    As a society we have regressed in support of breastfeeding rather than progressed. Does it blow your mind that in the 80’s breastfeeding was featured on children’s shows like Sesame Street and Mister Rogers…. And they never used covers!

    Breastfeeding IS the optimal nutrition for babies and even toddlers. Breastfeeding is recommended by the AAP, the AAFP, and the WHO, and the most recent AAP statement on infant nutrition states that breastfeeding should be considered a public health issue rather than a parenting choice because of the positive impact breastfeeding has on short term and long term health of mother and child, as well as the positive impact on the cost of health care. As a society we need to do everything we can to make breastfeeding success more attainable and sustainable…. And if that means putting the health and well being of a child above the comfort of adults, so be it.

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