Pro: Marriage after college

by Hannah Troyer


I am 21-year-old journalism major starting senior year.


I am also engaged.


My fiancé and I got engaged during the summer after my freshman year. I was 19 and knew I had found my person to share life’s adventures with.


We plan to marry in October of 2015- a few months after my graduation.


Peoples’ reactions to my engagement were one of two options: elation or confusion. Most, especially people my own age, were confused.


My favorite analogy to getting married young is this: “Getting married before 25 sounds a lot like leaving the party before 10 p.m.” People who make this statement don’t understand the young, married perspective. Instead of dealing with the disastrous dating scene and our generation’s hook-up culture, I can rest easy knowing I found someone that makes that seem silly.


After a stressful day at work, my husband will greet me with a smile.

I get to come home to the person who knows me better than anyone else. Home to the person who will do anything for my happiness. Home to the person I can depend on to never leave me.


Some see the young, single life as a way to live happily and free from worry.

But here’s the thing. It gets old. Eventually- like I discovered at an earlier age than most in today’s society-you want more.


Nothing can compare to the fulfillment and satisfaction of a committed, happy relationship.


I may be “leaving the party early.” But I’m going home to everything I need.







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