Parking Problems

A struggle plaguing college students across the nation

Colleges across the country seem to share one major complaint: parking.

Finding a parking spot has probably been a problem for students since colleges and carswere first created.

While Franklin College is small, it is not immune to the parking problems that plague larger schools.

I have had friends who attend schools like Butler University, Ball State University and Purdue University who said it’s a huge hassle to find a parking spot on campus.

As a commuter, it feels like there is never a spot open in any of the lots designated for commuter students at Franklin. In previous semesters, this parking hassle was not as big of a problem because there were always plenty of spots open in commuter-designated areas. The only reasoning I can think of is that more students this year must have decided to commute rather than live on campus.

I understand the attraction of commuting, but what bothers me is that on the very first day of classes this semester, I was almost late to my first class because I had to spend 20 minutes searching for a parking spot. Luckily I have a habit of arriving to campus 30 minutes before my classes begin.

Commuters do have one advantage over residential students when it comes to this battle of finding a parking spot: We’re allowed to park in any parking lot designated for students. Even residential lots.

Residential students can get ticketed if they park in a commuter lot.

I’ve heard many horror stories of resident students receiving a ticket because they simply couldn’t find a parking spot outside of the commuter lots.

The problems of providing enough parking spots for college students seems like a difficult obstacle for schools to overcome.

Here’s my solution: To even the playing field a bit for students here, resident students should be able to park in any lot.

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