Opinion: One Tree Hill changed my life

By Jessica Kaiser

Netflix binging is America’s new favorite past time. Everyone has a favorite series they watch and re-watch over and over again.

My Netflix series of choice is One Tree Hill and it changed my life.

I started watching the series because of my deep seething love for Chad Michael Murray, and boy, I did not regret it.

Throughout the nine seasons of One Tree Hill there are plenty of crazy scenarios and plot twists – murders, school shootings, kidnappings, teenagers getting married – One Tree Hill covers just about everything.

Not only did I enjoy the series, I learned a few things along the way that honestly, changed me as a person.

I learned how to pick myself up and fight back.

In high school, I was bullied quite frequently. I had gotten used to the counselors telling me that everything would go away if I simply ignored my problems. But, they didn’t. One Tree Hill taught me to challenge them instead of just sitting back and letting people walk all over you.

I learned to look past the book’s cover, for real.

Everyone has a part of their life that you don’t see, so don’t judge. Someone you don’t know may have a hard home life or a bad past, so be considerate.

I learned true love is hard and only becomes magical if there is effort from both sides. Love may seem like a fairytale, but it’s more than just saying “I do.”

In a relationship, you must stick together through the tough times. And through fights and possible separation, if you work together you’ll always find you way back to one another.

One Tree Hill taught me the best friendships will come from the ones that will fight for and with you.

The series tests the strongest friendships with emotional issues and physical altercations.

Obviously, I learned a lot from the series. I just thank God that my high school was nothing like Tree Hill.


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