Video & Story: Nathan Beasley is a one-wheel show

By Jessica Kaiser and Ashley Shuler;

“Nobody rides a unicycle, so let’s do it.”

That’s what ran through sophomore Nathan Beasley’s head when his friend let him hop on his one-wheeler for the first time.

Photo by Zoie Richey, The Franklin
Photo by Zoie Richey, The Franklin

“He let me borrow one before I purchased my own,” Beasley said. “Now here I am.”

Beasley said he started riding a unicycle around campus a couple months ago because it was an “interesting project” – quite similar to his juggling talent.

“I haven’t put the unicycle and juggling together yet,” Beasley said. “There are a lot of other things I need to learn like riding backwards and not moving.”

Beasley picked up juggling while at a convention. He was bored and decided to toss three balls in the air. He sat there for eight hours, just juggling.

“The guy who taught me how to unicycle is now learning how to juggle,” Beasley said. “So we’re racing to see who can put that together faster.”

But his unique talents don’t stop there. He’s also a magician, yo-yoist, pianist and guitar player.

“I’ve actually been in two different bands,” Beasley said. “One is a family band; my brothers actually play as well. And I’m also in a band currently, and we’ve been playing for about 3 years.”

The family band, called 4th Normal Form Band after a computer science term, started in 2001 and plays a variety of music, from contemporary Christian to new country.

When he’s not practicing his unique talents or jamming with the band, Beasley studies for his triple majors in computer science, software engineering and Spanish.

Beasley described his parents and siblings as “super smart.”

His dad, Robert Beasley, works as a computing professor at the college. His mom has a master’s degree in mathematics. He has one younger brother and two older brothers. One of his old brothers, Isaac Beasley, is a current senior and cross country runner at Franklin College.

Beasley said he uses his family’s countless accomplishments as motivation to do better than them.

“I try to hold up the standard in the family,” Beasley said.

When the Beasley brothers aren’t bonding, they’re dueling.

“We’re definitely competitive,” Beasley said. “More in athletics and sports than in academics because that’s not a fight I would win.”

Photo by Zoie Richey, The Franklin
Photo by Zoie Richey, The Franklin

Beasley is also a fraternity member, an honor society president, an intervarsity bible study leader, a residence assistant in Hoover-Cline and a soccer player.

As for unicycling, Beasley said he will keep practicing, just like he did for the rest of his unique talents. He may eventually branch out into competitive unicycling.

“Unicycling is just a fun activity for now,” Beasley said. “But we’ll see what happens.”

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