Multitude of events planned for semester

By Shelby Mullis

$15 for a day at King’s Island?

We’re in

As October approaches, campus organizations and the city of Franklin are preparing for a full season of fall events.

The spotlight for fall activities is on the Student Activities Center (SAC) and the Student Entertainment Board (SEB).

Before planning its events for the year, the SAC asked students to take a survey.

“We receive all kinds of feedback after our events—positive and negative,” Keri Ellington, assistant dean of students for student activities, said. “The majority of our feedback is positive.”

Ellington said Franklin College events are “very successful.”

“Events that are specifically sponsored by the SAC and SEB tend to be popular and well-attended,” Ellington said. “If 10 percent of your residential population attends an event, that equates success.”

At Franklin College, that’s about 75 students per event.

Organizations try to please all students by planning a variety of events and opportunities.

“When we are trying to provide something that is well-received by 1,000 students, that can be difficult at times,” Ellington said. “[We try] to plan a variety of activities to appeal to a variety of audiences so that at the end of the semester, every single thing sponsored by organizations might not be loved by every student, but there’s something for everyone.”

Ellington said learning happens in 365 degrees of students’ lives, which includes extracurricular and co-curricular activities like campus events.

“We want students to develop as well-rounded people who go out after graduation and become leaders in their communities and be civically engaged in things that go beyond their professions,” Ellington said.

Sophomore Kelsey Baker said she became involved in campus activities to keep her busy and to make new friends when she was a freshman.

“I look forward to the philanthropy events held by sororities and fraternities,” Baker said. “Our campus has very high involvement in Greek life events.”

Junior and Student Congress President Erika Brock said she works with the two organizations she’s involved in—Student Congress and Delta Delta Delta sorority—to plan events to increase student involvement.

“It is super important to get involved,” Brock said. “I always thought FC was my home, but joining organizations solidified that thought.”






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