Lacrosse prepares for spring break trip to Michigan

Preparing for the big road trip to Michigan, the lacrosse team packs their bags for a special spring break. 

On Sunday morning, the lacrosse team will make the trek north to Michigan to play two games. 

“I think it’s going to be nice just to get away,” said head coach Colin McSharar. 

The girls have been practicing for almost two months with only a couple of scrimmages under their belt. 

“We’ve been stuck here on campus for the last month and a half just playing with ourselves, so it’ll be nice going out and playing against somebody else and just getting away from campus,” McSharar said. 

Because they haven’t had a real taste of competition yet, sophomore Shelbi Hunter said the team is still growing and developing. Overall, however, she is confident that the team is ready for Michigan. 

“We have the skills. We just have to use the tools in our tool box right now. That’s what our coach tells us every practice,” Hunter said. “We just have to get past the nervous part of the first game and go out there with our full hearts.” 

Junior Morgan McIntosh said the games in Michigan will be a good opportunity for the team to see where they are and what they will need to work on for the rest of the season. 

“We just need to test our skills against our opponents and see where we’re at and where we measure up as a team,” she said. 

McSharar agreed that the Michigan trip will be a test for them, especially since they are low in numbers and will not be able to play full field. 

In the season so far, there have been some illnesses due to the cold weather. There have also been injuries and other personal dilemmas . Despite these issues, McSharar said there have been only minor setbacks. 

“For the most part, everybody’s been here and showing up, and they’ve all responded and performed pretty well,” he said. 

One aspect the team has also handled well this season is the change in coaches, McSharar said. McSharar moved up from assistant coach to head coach, and McIntosh said the team has adjusted well to the change. 

“Coach stepping up has just given us more belief in ourselves because we know someone’s going to be there for us consistently and is there to back us up,” McIntosh said. 

Hunter agreed, adding that McSharar has been both a great coach and father-figure for the girls when they need him. 

In addition to having time to adjust to a new coach, starting later in the season has had its advantages for the lacrosse team, according to McSharar. 

“We start a lot later than everyone else in our conference so it’s a disadvantage that we play so many games so quickly, but it’s an advantage to where we have everything done before our first game,” McSharar said. “We’re about as prepared as we’re going to be. All we need to do after each game is prepare for the next opponent.” 

Regardless of the results of the trip, McSharar said playing in Michigan will be a nice opportunity to see what the girls are made of. 

“It’ll be a good way to kick the season off no matter what the outcome of those games be,” he said. 

The team’s first game is Sunday against Albion College. The girls will kick off their second game Tuesday against Calvin College.

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