Kentucky Wildcasts are chasing perfection

By Ben Brown

The Kentucky Wildcats are currently nine games away from a perfect season.

The team finished the regular season 31-0. Now the only thing standing in their way from a perfect 40-0 mark is the SEC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.

A men’s NCAA basketball team has not had an undefeated season since the 1976 Indiana University team.

I am not a fan of Kentucky by any means, but it is always exciting to watch a team chase perfection.

Fans of other teams complain about Coach Calipari’s style of recruitment. He goes for top recruits and usually gets them. Kentucky basketball has become known for their players leaving for the NBA after just one season.

But this year is a little different. Calipari lost two players to the draft last season. Five other players who were also expected to leave ended up staying. This experience could give Kentucky the edge to hit 40-0 this season.

Calipari has said he doesn’t care about a perfect season. Winning a title isn’t even the most important thing to him. What he really wants as a coach is to make his players ready for the NBA.

It is somewhat believable. He has nine current players that are projected to be drafted in the first round of the draft this year. I don’t buy him not chasing that perfect mark, though, because nothing would show his system working better than 40-0.

Three teams they beat this season are currently ranked in the top 10. They even blew out number five Kansas by 32 points.

Calipari is a great coach. He doesn’t depend on one player. He is constantly swapping players in and out. With nine NBA candidates on the team, it has clearly worked well.

So while I will still be rooting for my Blue Devils come tournament time, I am anxious to see if Kentucky has what it takes to pull off a perfect season.

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