Johnson County woman sends message of love

Johnson County resident Erin Davis can thank her five-year-old daughter, unicorns and rainbows for the success behind her latest mission. 

Davis recently created “Love More” yard signs, which are popping up across the country. 

On her way home from work one afternoon, Davis saw a confederate flag and misogynistic signs flying outside a Franklin home. She couldn’t believe she was seeing this in her small town. 

But her six-year-old daughter made everything better. After a birthday party that evening, her daughter carried in a painting of a unicorn and a rainbow. 

“It was such a funny contrast,” Davis said. “They were completely opposite experiences, and it made me realize no one has taught her to hate.” 

When Davis posted about the incident on Facebook, one response stood out to her. In a comment, Davis’ cousin said, “Not everyone has hate in their heart, they’re just not painting stuff about it.” 

“So I said, ‘Maybe we should,” Davis said. 

That’s when the “Love More” signs took off. The yard signs, which simply read “LOVE MORE” with a heart and rainbow in the background, can not only be seen throughout Johnson County, but across the nation. 

With an original order of just 18 signs since the movement started in 2016, Davis has since sold more than 1,000 yard signs, 1,000 stickers and nearly 400 t-shirts with the saying. 

More than $3,000 has been earned from the sign sales, which has been donated to philanthropic organizations and charities across the state, including Gleaner’s Food Bank of Indianapolis, KIC-IT and Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County to spread the message of love. 

“The feedback has been outpouring,” she said. 

Although her six-year-old daughter doesn’t fully understand the negative rhetoric that sparked the creation of the signs, she’s still happy to see her idea around town. 

“She was definitely the inspiration,” Davis said. “We still get excited when we drive through town to see signs. She doesn’t fully understand the magnitude of it because I don’t want her to know how horrible the world is, but I encourage her to embrace everyone and be kind.” 

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