Intramural basketball finishes another season

The college’s intramural basketball teams can add another chapter to the books after the season ended earlier this week. 

Both IM basketball leagues, women’s and men’s, finished their season with league championships Monday. 

“I enjoyed [playing] this year,” said junior Garrett Tuley. “I hated how some games got cancelled but it was still a fun time.” 

With the season over, Tuley is already looking forward to his last season as a senior. 

“I will definitely play next year,” he said. “I love to play basketball, and IMs are definitely an enjoyable time.” 

Tuley, like several other students, said he joined IM basketball for pure enjoyment and time with his friends. He called it a popular activity because it gives students an outlet to play and compete against one another while having fun. 

Junior Darrell Crenshaw described IM basketball as a way for both men and women who don’t play basketball to play competitively. 

“IM basketball is just a chance for ladies and gentlemen who do not play basketball to form a team and have fun and also have a competitive league and tournament,” Crenshaw said. 

In the men’s basketball leagues, there are about 15- 20 student coaches, in addition to the students who play. 

Having an A league and a B league allows students who are more serious about the sport to play at a more competitive level than those who are less serious about intramural sports. 

The popularity IM sports has gained is larger than sophomore John Ward expected. In his first days on campus as a freshman, he was already being asked to join. 

“Apparently it’s a really a big thing here,” Ward said. “IM isn’t until March and they were asking me in August.” 

Head football coach Mike Leonard even recommends being involved in IM because it keeps his athletes in shape, according to Ward. 

Because intramural basketball is oftentimes considered a leisure sport, Ward said Franklin College basketball team members are not allowed to participate on an intramural team. Similarly, football players are also not permitted to play intramural football. However, as in Ward’s case, if a student plays football, but wants to play intramural basketball, then the student can. 

“It’s a competition kind-of-thing,” Ward said. “Obviously you’d be better at basketball because that’s what you came to do. It would take the fun out of it.” 

Ward encourages more people to join intramural sports, calling it a stress reliever. 

“If you don’t have anything else to do — if you don’t have a sport and you don’t have to practice — this is a good workout,” Ward said. “It’s a good release. It gives you something to do outside of homework.” 

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