Illegal movie downloading more harmful than students realize

Downloading movies can result in viruses, disciplinary ramifications and more 

Current college students are a generation determined to figure out the quickest, easiest or cheapest way to do something. 

This is not a bad thing. These traits help us pave the way for future advancements. 

But one space that should never be rigged to find loopholes is the purchase of movies. 

Movies should not be illegally downloaded, period. 

I have never downloaded a movie online, and I don’t rent movies frequently, which might be why it’s so easy for me to take this stance. Because I view the world with an ethical lens, it’s hard for me to understand the desire to download a movie illegally. 

According to Brad Kinder, systems administrator of the IT department, the college’s internet provider, iLite, is notified of illegal activity when it comes to downloading movie, music or even TV-related sites like HBO. 

From the campus’ network, iLite can find that someone on campus is illegally downloading off the internet. 

It’s hard to identify which student does it, and there haven’t been any instances this academic year. But if a student is caught using the software, Dean of Students Ellis Hall would apply disciplinary actions against the student. 

Kinder said when people download the software and content, they’re agreeing to share it with the internet, and they don’t realize it. 

If the fear of getting in trouble or your morals don’t stop you, remember that these downloads can cause a virus on your computer. Viruses cannot be removed easily. You can delete the file but not the virus. 

Yes, I know we’re all broke college kids, and it’s expensive to pay for all the movies that you could just download for free from the internet. Movie theaters cost money. Renting costs money. Netflix costs money. 

Kinder sympathizes with these concerns, so instead of downloading, he said a safer alternative is to stream the movie from a browser. 

I know streaming does not give a person permanent access to a movie or TV like downloading does. But how many times do you really need to watch that movie? 

Buy the movie. Rent the movie. Stream the movie. Just don’t illegally download it. Not just because the law insists it, but because it’s just plain disrespectful. 

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