Homecoming preparations vary among sports teams

Franklin celebrates traditions, members through sporting events

Homecoming is a time where all current and former students come together and celebrate the organization they are connected to.

At the college, sports teams have their own annual traditions for the event.


The swimming and diving teams hold various “Blue and Gold” team contests throughout the week, including a Friday night capture the flag game, Head Coach Andrew Hendricks said.

The week ends with the annual Blue and Gold swim on Saturday morning. After the competition, the teams spend time together in Cline Woods with friends, family, food and football.


The cross country team’s conference championship falls tomorrow, the Saturday of homecoming. While the team doesn’t have any traditions yet, Head Coach Brandon Dworak said he is looking forward to creating some.

“I think it’s a great way to celebrate current and past members of not only Franklin College athletics, but anyone who attended and graduated from our institution,” he said.


The football team follows Franklin College’s traditions of the annual privy burn and pep rally. But one of the players has a few of his own traditions.

“One thing I enjoy doing is having a big meal with my family,” said Fazaun Stephens, senior defensive back. “Then my family and I think of as many jokes as possible that I can say on the field to the other team, and then I tell my family how many I got out.”

Head Football Coach Mike Leonard said seeing all the alumni come back to campus is one of his highlights from homecoming.

In comparison to the other colleges Leonard has coached at, he said Franklin College’s homecoming is incredible.

“I’ve been fortunate that I’ve coached at a lot of different colleges and Franklin’s homecoming compared to the places I’ve been is just absolutely phenomenal,” Leonard said. “I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s some- thing about the setting of the campus, how things are right here and how the football stadium is kind of right in the heart of campus.”

As they did for the last few years, the Grizzlies will face Mount Saint Joseph University.

Tyler Hopperton, Mount Saint Joseph’s football head coach, said playing in Franklin College’s homecoming game makes the competition interesting.

“Preparing to play Franklin College is never a simple task,” Hopperton said. “The atmosphere at Faught Stadium is extremely exciting and is one of the best we’ve ever played in.”

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