Homecoming: One arrest, three ongoing investigations

Homecoming weekend resulted in one arrest and reports of drug use, criminal mischief, and a sprained ankle, among other incidents.

Early Sunday morning, a Franklin Police Department officer responded to Elsey Hall, where an underage drunk male was with security, according to a police report.

He was visiting a Franklin College student but was separated and could not get back into Elsey.

He was later transported to the Johnson County Jail.

“Students are responsible for the actions of their guests, even if they’re not together in the moment,” said Steve Leonard, security director.

Leonard said the college will proceed by reaching out to the student who was hosting the male who got arrested.

That student will go through the college’s judicial process to determine if there was a violation of college policy or not.

Another occurrence during homecoming weekend—which wasn’t a result of alcohol—was a burglary at an off-campus location.

The suspect in the burglary is a student and is being investigated.

“Students can still be found in violation of college policy, even if it didn’t happen on campus,” Leonard said.

The weekend also resulted in a criminal mischief complaint.

The complaint came from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house and is still being investigated, Leonard said.

“One of our brother’s cars got damaged,” said Brody Perrine, the president of the fraternity. “When our property or personal belongings get damaged, we are less likely to open our doors to guests. That’s just a respect issue.”

Another act of criminal mischief was reported when one of the components of an alarm panel outside of the science building, Barnes Hall, was vandalized, causing the alarm to sound.

Security reported the alarm around 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

Security silenced the alarm at the panel and maintenance checked it the next day. The day shift officer noticed that the electrical conduit valve was damaged.

“There was no danger,” Leonard said. “But someone came by, and they decided to rip [the valve].”

Another report—one of possible drug use in a residence hall—turned out to be an underage alcohol violation, but is still being investigated as a possible drug violation.

Additionally, one campus guest sprained their ankle and required medical attention.

Leonard said the incident wasn’t reported to security until four hours after the guest returned from the hospital.

Security also filed one informational report about a student that felt sick after consuming alcohol.

The student did not violate college policy, but a security officer assessed the situation, determined there was no danger or need for medical attention and helped the student to their room, Leonard said.

Leonard said alcohol is the drug of choice on almost every campus in the country.

The challenge, he said, is dealing with underage alcohol consumption.

“It’s always an issue when someone breaks the law,” Leonard said. “At Franklin College, we try to educate students on responsible alcohol use, and we want them to understand it’s illegal to drink under 21. That’s why we have a judicial process to hold students accountable if they decide to drink underage.”

During homecoming last year, there were three incident reports involving alcohol.

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