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How to celebrate Halloween on a budget

By Ashley Steeb

Halloween is a great time of the year. It’s the only time it’s socially acceptable to eat an entire bag of candy in one night.

It is also the only day people won’t look at you strange for dressing like a pirate. Halloween costumes don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes it is even more fun to make your own costume than to buy one.

Here are a few of ideas for costumes on a college student budget:

1) Supergirl/Superman

Wear a red skirt or pants, a blue shirt with the Superman or Supergirl logo and buy a generic red cape at Walmart.

2) Batman/Batgirl

Wear black pants, a black shirt with the Batman or Batgirl logo and buy a generic black cape at Walmart.

3) Athlete

Wear your favorite jersey and carry a piece of athletic equipment that matches the team.

4) Any Harry Potter character

Wear a long black robe, a white button up shirt with a red tie and black pants.

5) ‘50s era character

Male: Wear a white shirt, cuff your jeans, grease your hair back and wear a pair of Converse.

Female: Wear black leggings, black flats, a black or pink scarf around your neck and plain pink shirt or a pink jacket over a black shirt.

6) Nerd

Throw on a warm flannel and tuck it into your cuffed jeans. Add suspenders and big glasses for bonus points.

Everything mentioned above can be purchased at Goodwill or Walmart or be borrowed from a friend or family member. The important part is to have fun and not worry about how expensive your costume appears. This Halloween, you can find me dressed as Batgirl.

Clown phobias cause serious Halloween issues

By Christina Ramey


I hate them. Even typing the word makes me uneasy as I glance nervously around.

I’ve had a phobia of clowns since I accidently stumbled upon the movie “It” as a young child. It scared me for life. I was petrified after watching that movie and will do anything to avoid clowns.

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter because I don’t have to deal with clowns in my everyday life. But when it comes close to Halloween, there’s no getting around them.

Especially this Halloween with people dressing up as clowns, harming people. Since this craze started, I have found myself on edge whenever I have to walk across campus alone at night. Thankfully, our campus is small so it doesn’t take me very long to get back to my room.

Still, the short walk has me clutching my keys just a little tighter and keeping my phone in hand in case I have to call anyone.

Phobias are hard to live with. They can get so bad that they make it nearly impossible for a person to complete things in their everyday life.

People with clown phobias are finding it harder to deal with this year because of the “killer clowns” waiting in the dark. Some people can be so afraid of the clowns that it causes them to be afraid to go outside.

People are taking this thing way too far. I understand that dressing up as a clown for Halloween is common. I can prepare myself for that. What I can’t prepare myself for is having random people standing around the entire month of October in clown costumes with the threats of kidnapping and murder.

It’s torture.

Please be mindful of people in your life that may have phobias and if you can, avoid dressing up as those things for Halloween—especially clowns because they’re scary.



1) My Bloody Valentine

I’m going to be honest and tell you the only reason I ever watched this movie was because Jensen Ackles plays the lead character. Still, it’s one of my favorite movies because it tries so hard to be a quality, scary movie, but just ends up failing.

2) Friday The 13th

This has always been one of my favorites. As a kid, I would always watch this on Halloween night. My favorite version is the 2009 movie, which stars Jared Padalecki—one of my favorite actors.

3) The Woman in Black (2012)

I enjoy this movie a lot. It features multiple jump scares and follows a good plotline.



1) Phantom of the Megaplex

It’s not officially Halloween until I watch this movie. It’s a cheesy Disney Channel Movie, but I loved the movie’s mystery—and the main actor.

2) Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

I loved this show, but the Halloween episode is golden. It’s a cheesy version of vampire shows, but who says Halloween can’t be funny?

3) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

To be honest, I like the actual story better than the movie, but it’s a tradition. I remember feeling so cool knowing about the Headless Horseman.



1) It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

This movie is an old classic and family-favorite. It may not be as good as “It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown,” but it still has those characters I know and love. The cute moments shared between Lucy and Linus in the Pumpkin Patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin are my favorite.

2) The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is a Tim Burton movie that has a very interesting soundtrack. It tells the story of how it is okay to be yourself.

3) Hocus Pocus

It’s the typical story: an unnoticed kid has a crush on the popular girl, but it changes when he decides to light a candle summoning dead witches that eat children’s souls to stay young forever. Now we have a whole movie where the boy, dream girl, the boy’s little sister and a talking cat are running away from the witches and trying to save Halloween.

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