Griz Nights just sanctioned parties

Opinion Editor Christina Ramey explains why Griz Nights aren’t for her

What sounds more intriguing: a party on Dame Mall or a night out on the town in Indy?

For me, the answer would be the night out because attending an event in Indy sounds more fun than dancing around on campus.

The college recently introduced a sanctioned theme party called Griz Nights. Griz Nights feature a professional DJ and a cash bar for of-age students to purchase alcohol.

I’m not a party person. If I wanted to attend a party, I could go to a fraternity house. The only difference is it wouldn’t be sanctioned by the school.

Even with the added bonus of alcohol, the  event doesn’t offer me a reason to attend.

I can get alcohol anywhere if I wanted to spend a night drinking. There are those who enjoy and like the idea of Griz Nights, but I’m not one of them.

I prefer FC on the Town because there are more unique options, they get you off campus, and there is something for everyone.

FC on the Town is how I experienced my first Pacers game. It’s the reason I’ve been able to enjoy so much of what happens around the city.

Griz Nights simply don’t offer me those opportunities because it’s on campus. FC on the Town provides students a way to enjoy something off campus but still be tied to the college.

If things like bouncy houses or cartoonists that are at events like the Welcome Bash are included in Griz Nights, it would make the event more entertaining and could attract more students, including upperclassmen who miss out on the annual Welcome Bash.

Griz Nights will have to offer more for me to attend. For now, I’ll stick to FC on the Town and enjoy the uniqueness of it.

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