A Different Lens: The Franklin photographers share stories behind top Nov. 10 issue photos

You see the photos.

But how were they captured?

Below, The Franklin staff photographers share stories and techniques from some of their favorite photos taken for our Nov. 10 issue.

From cute details—like capturing a yoga instructor’s giggle—to the energy of the drag show, we’re giving you insight into The Franklin’s photos through a different lens.


Zoie Richey

When I first walked in, I could feel the calmness in the air. A weekly yoga class was in session, and everyone turned their heads with confused looks when they saw my camera.

I quickly explained that I was a photographer for the college’s newspaper, and then everyone went back into focus as if I wasn’t there. The only sounds were the zen music and instructor Dee Woods’ soothing voice as she guided each person through various yoga poses.

Woods went into a variation of the Warrior pose, and she chuckled when she saw my lens pointed at her. That was the moment I snapped this photo.

A different photo from this same class was used on the back page of the Nov. 10 issue.


Thomas Maxwell

 I took this at the end of the drag show after every performance. The atmosphere was electrifying.

The performances were extraordinary, and the awards ceremony that followed was light and happy—the performers laughing and enjoying the spotlight. 

In the end, sophomore Owen Shrock performing as Tatcha (second from right) won first place through crowd cheers.

But I don’t think it was who won awards that mattered. All the performers had a great time throughout the night, and it was fantastic to photograph.

Quinn Fitzgerald

To go along with my feature story, I took photos of on Brook Kistler, president of Delta Delta Delta and president of the St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn event.

I had already photographed her at a meeting for the spread, but I saw her at homecoming and decided to take some more photos so my editor could have options.

The moment I saw her heading towards the hot chocolate booth to raise money for the cause, I shot a photo of her pouring the drink into a cup. I love the chocolate dripping from the ladle as she goes to pour it.

Erica Irish

One would expect a large turnout at the annual State of the College address. It is one of the only on-campus events that draws from all aspects of the college community. This diversity was evident in many forms, but perhaps one of the most fascinating scenes came from the two back rows of the Branigin room.

Clad in tan and spots of navy, I snapped this photo of workers with Franklin College maintenance and facilities watch as President Thomas Minar thanked them for their efforts.

This picture serves as a reminder of the workers spending their lives on the success of the college. We owe them our appreciation.