A Different Lens: The Franklin photographers share stories behind top fall 2017 photos

You’ve seen the photos.

But how were they captured?

Below, The Franklin staff photographers share their stories and techniques from some top photos taken for our six issues during the fall 2017 semester.


Senior Zoie Richey

When I found out I was taking photos for the lead sexual assault cases story, I knew I was going to have to get creative with my shots.

I chose to photograph a female, because the statics show that most of the instances that occurred have involved women. I knew I wanted to portray darkness in the photos while also making sure the female was unidentifiable.

I specifically asked the person modeling to wear black and also photographed her in a dark room to help carry out my vision. After the photo was taken, I also did some special editing to further enhance the photo. This assignment was definitely my favorite from the whole semester because of the challenge and creativity.

Photo by Zoie Richey.

Sophomore Quinn Fitzgerald

For the lead story photos about alcohol reports on campus, I had props for the photos, but I had to Google search ideas for “photo illustration” inspiration.

For the front cover photo, I lined up some red cups like one would for beer pong, and I had another person pour a beverage into one of the cups. This was important because it makes it unique, as opposed to just a photo of red cups set up with no action.

Photo by Quinn Fitzgerald.

Freshman Erica Irish

I knew senior Taylor Condre before writing a feature on her. As a student, I attended the chapel’s weekly Dinner and Faith events on a regular basis. Condre was always there. 

This photo captures Condre’s essence. In all of my experiences with her, she remains calm—stoic even. She is stubborn in love, steadfast in faith and an advocate of many progressive causes on campus.

I chose to silhouette her profile in this portrait as a symbol of her unwavering faith. There are no details to be analyzed or judged. Only the enduring, solid color of her faith remains.

In profile, she looks ahead to the years ahead of her. As she graduates on December 13, I hope the photo reminds her and readers of her march forward into something new, something bold and something greater.

Photo by Erica Irish.
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