Franklin launches intramural basketball league

By Jay Siskin

The intramural basketball league kicked off Monday night in the Spurlock Center.

Intramural (IM) basketball is an opportunity for students to play basketball competitively or semi-competitively on campus. IMs are also a chance for students to get involved on campus if they do not participate in any official collegiate sports.

Photo by Olivia Ober, The Franklin.
Photo by Olivia Ober, The Franklin.

There are three distinctive leagues, competitive, semi-competitive and the women’s league. The competitive league is for students who may have more basketball experience than others and take winning seriously. The semi-competitive league is for students who do not have as much experience as others.

Senior Jacob Rund, a former Franklin College basketball player, takes the intramural season seriously because of how long he has played the game.

“I have been playing basketball since the fifth grade,” Rund said. “I played for the team my sophomore year, but near the end of the season I dislocated my right shoulder and underwent surgery to repair it. That knocked me out for the season.”

After the injury he decided against coming back to the team.

“I decided to call it quits on my basketball career after the season to prevent experiencing anymore injuries,” Rund said.

Many students play intramural basketball for the fun of it and the excitement of competition.

“I like the thrill of being competitive and the competition,” senior Joe Abplanalp said. “I choose to play in the competitive league because I like to be competitive when I play.”

Some students have to balance playing a sport while also playing intramural basketball. Senior Chris Arnold is on the college’s golf team and has no problem balancing the two.

“It is absolutely not hard to balance the two,” said Arnold. “Golf happens during the day and IMs are in the evening.”

The competitive and women’s season ends on March 26, while the semi-competitive league ends after students come back from spring break on April 6.

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