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Senior Erika Brock reflects on her time as a Clinton campaign staffer

In an election where many found themselves voting for what they called the “lesser of two evils” or solely for keeping the opposing candidate out of office, senior Erika Brock was all in.

Brock took the semester off to be involved with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Ohio.

While on the campaign trail, Brock served as a staffer and was in charge of the volunteers and made sure the pool of volunteers was large enough.

“I made phone calls, knocked on doors, registered people to vote, and built this team of people to do that for me and help me along the way,” she said.

As part of her job, she also spoke to a crowd of nearly 3,000 people at a Clinton rally in Cincinnati.

Brock decided to get involved with the campaign because of her childhood love for Clinton.

“I’ve always loved Hillary Clinton,” Brock said “She’s always been my idol, and I couldn’t just sit back and watch someone become president who I didn’t think was fit.”

So Brock decided to take a semester off and go back home to work the campaign. She lives across the river from Cincinnati, where she was working.

Brock first came to appreciate politics when she was in eighth grade.

That’s when President Barack Obama was elected to be President of the United States.

“I was 13 when Obama and Hillary ran against each other,” Brock said. “I can remember my first real political moment was when she lost to him in ‘08, and I told myself I was going to work for her one day.”

Brock began to seriously get involved with politics when she was in high school by joining the “We The People” team.

“We The People” is a statewide and national competition where students prepare statements to be read and discussed in front of former and current judges, politicians and other politically involved people.

“I really fell in love with what the Constitution says and what it does,” Brock said. “I just used it to my advantage from there. “

Brock said she tends to focus on how politics not only are good for an individual, but it is also important in promoting equality.

“I’m interested in politics because it is so important in our daily lives” Brock said.

She said that—if someone were to ask her friends and family—they’d describe her as a “giver,” something she tries to carry throughout her life.

“I care so much about everyone,” she said. “I just want to make the world equal for everyone, and the best way to do that is through politics and through making sure they have the same rights.”

Brock said it was “heartbreaking” when she found out Clinton lost. She was surrounded by her coworkers while watching.

“Having been on the campaign made it hurt so much more,” she said. “I gave my life to the campaign. I stopped school. I worked 80-hour weeks. I didn’t sleep and worked harder than I ever have before. I put my heart and soul into this campaign and losing was something I never expected. It came as a surprise”

Last week, Brock and her team spoke to Clinton.

“It helped,” she said. “It helped hearing her say she was proud of us and hearing her tell us not to give up. I definitely will listen to her. This isn’t the end for me. I have to keep fighting this fight.”

Although Clinton lost, Brock maintains positivity. The county she worked in made history, as more Democrats voted than ever before.

Brock continues to pursue her goals. She gets up every day and studies politics to learn about how great America already is—and can continue to be.

“I just think that we have something very special here that we can’t lose,” she said.

Although Brock took a semester off in college, she intends to return to Franklin College in the spring and complete her degree in political science.

From there, she’s not sure what’s next.

Brock said she’s considering going to law school or starting her working career after she graduates this year.

“I definitely just want to fight for what I believe in, and I know that’s where I will be going,” she said. “Who knows where that will actually lead?”

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