Feature: Office Romance

 Love in the work place is usually forbidden. 

But for Ann Kish, the school’s website administrator, and Randall Smith, an associate professor of political science, it’s working. 

The two Franklin College employees are engaged and set to get married this summer in June. Smith proposed to Kish on Nov. 20, 2016, after being together for two years. 

“We discussed all the major things, and we’re in agreement on most of those,” Smith said. “And we both really enjoy spending time together.” 

The couple agreed their relationship is like an adventure. 

“We kind of feel like teenagers,” Kish said. “You just kind of want to be silly and have fun. We like doing that.” 

Kish’s two teenaged children from a previous marriage were a part of the decision to get engaged. She said Smith spent time with her children on a vacation and made sure they knew the couple was considering marriage. Smith said it was really important for him to connect with Kish’s children before taking the next step in their relationship in this way. 

The two met when Kish approached Smith about changing the political science page on the school’s website, which Kish runs. Changing the academic divisions web page is a goal of Kish’s for the website. Smith describes himself as the “guinea pig” for Kish’s changes. 

The couple’s first date was supposed to be bike riding together. It was not supposed to involve Smith calling off the date because of a migraine. 

“It was supposed to look like a really simple date, but it was really conjectured over weeks of how to ask him out and have this bicycling date,” Kish said. “It was going to be at the IMA, Indiana Museum of Art, but it never happened.” 

Kish also said Smith had no idea their bike riding date was a date at all. Smith thought they were going with other Franklin College employees — not just the two of them. 

The couple said the faculty at Franklin College played a part in their relationship. 

“I think a few faculty and staff have been crucial to organizing this,” Smith said. “There are a few of them that may have had a hand in insuring that we were together.” 

Eating dinner and socializing with faculty and staff has always been fun for Kish, so she found it to be natural those same members were involved with their relationship. 

The couple have also had some learning experiences during their relationship. 

“Just very simply, Randy and I had to trust again,” Kish said. “Neither of us thought we might ever marry again, and we’re kind of surprised, still, to find ourselves in this position.” 

Smith said they have had to learn to take time to relax and enjoy being together outside of all their responsibilities. 

Kish offered some advice she has learned through the years, to students, about relationships and marriage. She encourages students to not marry young because they are still learning and discovering what they want to do and who they want to be. 

“I would tell students to wait as long as they can,” Kish said. “Travel, and study, and explore life because it’s like you’re one person in your 20s, you’re one person in your 30s.” 

The couple’s wedding ceremony will be held at Richardson Chapel on June 25, and Rev. Leah Rumsey, campus minister, will officiate the wedding. Kish and Smith will spend their honeymoon hiking at Glacier National Park in Montana.

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