Feature: Minding the canvas

Art is more than a hobby for junior Liz Yaden — it’s a lifestyle. 

“Part of creating art is allowing yourself to be vulnerable,” said Yaden, a studio art and art history double major. 

That vulnerability is something she learned from one of her favorite artists, Frida Kahlo, a Mexican self-portrait artist. And ever since she was young, Yaden has opened herself up to a new sense of creativity.
web_img_9936As a child, Yaden stood by her mother’s side, observing her draw. When the pencil touched the paper, it was as if a new world was unfolding before her eyes. 

While her mother served as inspiration for her to pursue art, Yaden found motivation within Kahlo that’s oftentimes overlooked. 

“I love how she is so unapologetic, especially for a woman in her time,” Yaden said. “Everything in her art is so raw, which I love.” 

 When she entered high school, Yaden enrolled in a variety of drawing and painting classes. But coming to college opened up an even greater realm of opportunities for her. 

“I’m not really involved in anything on campus except my art classes because they do take so much time,” she said. “I focus all my energy on creating art in my classes.” 

Yaden spends nearly every waking moment in the Johnson Center for Fine Arts, transferring her creative mind over to a canvas. 

“I would definitely say art — for people who actually create a lot — art is a very instinctive thing. Art is just a way to express yourself and emulate the way you see the world in a visual way,” she said. “Art is so different for everybody, but for me, I’m just someone who is very expressive in my ideas, and I like to be able to show that through my art.” web_img_9934

Although she has no precise career plan in mind, Yaden is sure of one thing: She wants to continue to build her art knowledge through a master’s degree upon graduation from Franklin College next year. 

And Yaden, who describes herself as “very contemplative,” said there’s something about her quiet nature that sets her apart from her peers. 

“I’m always thinking about things. I don’t have a reason why,” Yaden said. “I’m always feeling things to the highest degree.” 

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