Feature: A Flying Faith

Blaine Fuhs’ eyes fill with tears as he begins to tell one of his favorite stories. 

“This is where God comes in to a huge factor,” said the Franklin College sophomore. 

When Fuhs traveled to Hawaii to film a video for a client through his business, Fuhs Video, he never imagined it would lead him to Palm Springs, California, where he shared his faith in God with a young woman. 

While in Hawaii, Fuhs met a native named Bob. He shared his contact information and never thought much of it until he received a call from Bob three months later.

“He said, ‘My daughter is getting married in two days in Palm Springs, California, and their wedding videographer canceled. I was really impressed with your work, and I’d love to have you fly out here,’” Fuhs said of his conversation with Bob.

With his equipment and a $700 plane ticket in hand, Fuhs and his team flew out to California with a mission to provide a groom and bride with a video to keep forever. 

“I love conveying the world in the way I see it,” Fuhs said. “The camera gives you that power.”

With this specific video, Fuhs wanted to do something different. While his teammate filmed the reception per their usual method, Fuhs traveled 500 yards away from the area to film a time lapse. 

But what he found next is something that still gives him goosebumps today.

While sitting on a hill filming the time lapse, he saw the silhouette of a girl. After walking toward her, he found her sobbing.

“I’ve never seen someone cry that much. Her fiancé’s brother just passed away in a car accident, and she said, ‘God’s not real. How could he do this to us?’” he said. 

After going through the list of everything that had happened that brought him to the situation he was in, he had one thought: “All of this was for this young woman.”

If he wouldn’t have gone to Hawaii. If he didn’t go eat at that one restaurant and meet that one guy. If their videographer wouldn’t have canceled two days before. If they were 30 minutes later to book that flight—none of this would’ve happened.

“Because of all these things, I saw you. Everything was for you. Let me pray for you,” he said.

After praying with the young woman for nearly 40 minutes, she thanked him and told him: “If you weren’t here, I would’ve completely pushed God out of my life.”

Now, Fuhs said he does everything through the grace of God.

Fuhs Video first took flight when Fuhs was just a teenager. With a drone and a camera, Fuhs filmed videos for contractors across the Midwest as a sales technique for their businesses.

His most-watched video is about an event called Night to Shine, a prom-type experience for special needs youth centered on God and sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. The video has 16,000 views on Facebook.

As word spread about his videos both online and by word of mouth, Fuhs started filming a variety of videos across the country. Since starting his business in high school, Fuhs has traveled to Ghana, Hawaii, Ireland and all across the country. 

“When you want to wake up at 4:50 a.m. when everyone’s asleep just to do something, that’s how you know you care,” Fuhs said. “You don’t do it for the views. You don’t do it for the recognition. You do it because you love to do it.”

His company also specializes in screen-printing and graphic design work.

For now, Fuhs is pursuing a degree in graphic design, but his end goal is to one-day work for GoPro — the company that kickstarted his videography passion.

But his prized possession, and what he’s most known for, is his drone, which allows him to capture aerial images the naked eye may never see. 

Despite his love for the technology that accelerates his talents, for Fuhs, everything goes back to one thing: his faith in God.

“The power of God’s work through our company is huge,” Fuhs said. “We do these videos, and it may be a business or foundation or wedding video, but it really makes my heart full to think about the people that is impacts that we never have any idea about. With every production we do, our goal is to bring value to other people.”

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