Fantasy Football kicks off its season

Whether you play against friends or family,’s fantasy football league is sure to encourage your competitive spirit, while bringing people together.

Fantasy football allows the owner of an fictional team to play the roles of a coach, general manager and sideline supporter for their team and players. The main objective is to create a diverse roster that will grant the gamer the opportunity to accumulate as many points as possible in a given week.

“We all come together and meet at the [Kappa Delta Rho] house, and we do the draft online, so if you can’t come, then you can do it on your phone from your house or somewhere,”senior Richard Conway said. “But we try and have everyone meet at the house so we can have that fun atmosphere and have people yelling at people if they steal a player they wanted or whatever.”

Franklin College’s Kappa Delta Rho chapter has come together over the past five years before the start of the NFL season to outplay each other, while strengthening their bond.

“There is a lot of yelling,” Conway said.

A majority of KDR players said if you have the chance to hold the draft in a location and time where everyone can make it, do it in person.

“It really sucks if the person that steals your player is not here because then you’re just sitting here like, ‘Who stole that player?’ and nobody says anything and you’re just frustrated and you can’t yell at them,” Conway said. “But yeah there is a lot of yelling and just a lot of fun.”

The main goal of the game is to accumulate as many points through yards, touchdowns and tackles.

At any point in the season, gamers can switch out players that are not contributing to their overall score, but switching players can only happen if there is a mutual agreement.

If a player on a fantasy team is injured or out for the season, gamers can pick up a new player who was not drafted in the beginning to still receive points for that week.

Although the fantasy game stirs up the competitive spirit in the house, the bond the brothers share strengthens with each play of the game, even if it’s through trash talk.

“It gets people out there,” freshman Isaiah Spencer said “They’re not holding themselves back—they are participating, and it’s just an extra thing where people find fun here and there.”

One tip Spencer said was if your  have  two players on your team that will face each other­­—for example, a member of the Minnesota Vikings defense and Andrew Luck as the fantasy quarterback—the gamer should use a benched player to substitute one of the two. In this case, either a new quarterback or another team’s defense.

Those involved can play the game on their phone or computer and check it anytime.

“Just have fun with it,” Conway said. “Don’t take it so seriously that you don’t enjoy watching games anymore. I know last year I was like, ‘Oh, I need to watch this game and that game because I have that person and that person.’ But this year I’m just kind of like, ‘I’m just going to watch football,’ and whatever happens happens.”

Anyone interested can log on to to create a group or team. 

“I would highly recommend it for anyone that wants to try something new,” Spencer said.

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