EDITOR’S NOTE: Why you’re seeing big changes for The Franklin 

Nearly 109 years ago, at the close of chapel, then editor-in-chief of The Franklin Ray Chadwick gave a speech. He announced the newspaper would change from a monthly publication to a weekly one.

“In this way, news of the college can [be] easily gotten,” he said.

But as you know, there’s a quicker way to get news about Franklin College. There has been since the ‘90s. The internet.

That’s why, beginning with this issue, The Franklin is finally making the leap with a new look, feel and publishing schedule. We will publish 16-page print editions every other Friday, while continuing to provide day-to-day coverage and breaking news at TheFranklinNews.com, on Twitter @TheFranklinNews and other social platforms.

Although we are cutting the number of issues put out each semester in half, this doesn’t mean print is dead. It’s quite the opposite.

We’re seeing college and professional newspapers publish less frequently and prioritize long-form and investigative journalism in print, formats that work better and are more accessible in your hands than on a screen. Our new design is smaller in your hands. Easier to thumb through. Whiter paper. More color. Modern design that bleeds off the edge. 

The editor team and I redesigned this publication with you in mind, emphasizing the print experience with eye-catching photography and detailed graphic design inside the pages. Hand in hand with the multimedia journalism major established by the Pulliam School of Journalism a couple years ago, we’re producing web-exclusive content to engage you in many forms of a story—photo galleries, videos, graphics and more.

I’m excited and humbled to be leading a creative team of student journalists willing to make a leap and change the way The Franklin delivers news to Franklin College. In addition to our returning staff members, we have an energized band of freshman ready to jump in and embrace our change.

One of the coolest things about student publications is that they take the shape of the people who run them. We aren’t tied to age-old branding like the New York Times, or even the Indianapolis Star. If we want to change something, we can. The Franklin has had a mismatch of logos, page sizes and leaders that brought it to where it is today.

I tip my hat to the trail of executive editors who have come before me, who stayed up late to get the paper ready for Friday mornings. I haven’t forgotten your spirit and dedication.

The Franklin is vital to the Franklin College community, and the students who put it together have been doing solid, important and award-winning reporting inside and out of Shirk Hall for more than a century.

Mr. Chadwick—as he’s referred to throughout The Franklin’s front page article that ran that Friday morning about the switch to a weekly paper—asked for students to rally in support of the change. He closed by saying reading The Franklin over someone’s shoulder is just as “wicked” as watching a football game through a “knot-hole.”

I’d agree with Mr. Chadwick.

No matter the format, it’s as wicked to read The Franklin today as it was in 1908.

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Ashley Shuler is the executive editor of The Franklin. She has held various multimedia journalism and public relations internships, including positions at Indianapolis Monthly, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and Dittoe Public Relations.

When she isn’t staying up late to edit stories, Ashley spends her time boutique shopping and drinking as much vanilla Coke as possible.

This is Ashley’s third year in a leadership role and her fourth year on The Franklin staff. She previously held positions as web editor and news editor.

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