Dorm Room Dilemma: Communicate with your roommate before considering changes

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We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve had a roommate that we didn’t particularly like. Maybe your roommate is too messy. Snores too loud. Uses your things without permission.

Whatever the reason, you don’t see how living with them is going to have any positive impact on you.

Luckily here at Franklin, you have the option to change your roommate if it’s not working out.

Before switching roommates try the following steps:

First, try communicating with your roommate that they are doing things that are bothering you.

Your roommate may not know that something they do is bothering you. Sitting down and talking to them may solve the problem.

It’s important to have an open dialogue with your roommate so that you both know what the boundaries are.

If your roommate has a tendency to leave clothes on the floor, sit down and talk to them about keeping their laundry off of the floor in your room. Be direct.

You could even suggest to your roommate that you set aside an hour or two each week to clean up your room together.

If you don’t have an open communication with your roommate, then things are not going to be solved. Communication is key in any healthy relationship.

If you have trouble confronting people about things, talk to your residence assistant.

Your R.A. could help to monitor a meeting between the two of you. An R.A. can help the conversation start and make sure there are no misunderstandings between the two of you.

Your R.A. may even have advice for how the two of you can handle any problems you are having.

If things don’t change after talking with your roommate, that’s when you should consider getting a new one.

At this point, your R.A. will be your most helpful contact in the moving process.

He or she will be able to help you get into contact with your Residence Hall Coordinator or the Director of Residence Life. You can also find their names and contact information listed on the Franklin College website.

These individuals will help you figure out what your best options are.

We’ve all had roommate trouble at one point or another, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t deal with it. Communicate and reach out to people who can help make your living situation better.

You don’t want to end up stuck with someone who is going to put a damper on your college experience.

Resources for switching roommates: 

Dorm: Elsey

Residence Hall Coordinator: Rush Norris


Dorm: Johnson-Dietz, Hoover-Cline, Dietz

Residence Hall Coordinator: Michael Rivera


Director of Residence Life: Jacob Knight




The Franklin staff believes that people should talk to their roommate before getting a new one.

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