Curriculum, rebranding theme in annual address

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Minar uses State of the College for thanks, gratitude

The implementation of a new curriculum and rebranding efforts were key points in President Thomas Minar’s State of the College address Tuesday. However, Minar spent the majority of the hour-long address thanking and acknowledging those who have made the college successful.

“It’s hard to believe it’s already November…When I stop and think about all that’s been accomplished since move-in day and welcome week, I realize it ought to be November,” Minar said. “It is truly time for thanksgiving and for gratitude.”


In response to new branding efforts, the college is updating the curriculum, which Minar said is necessary to attract academically-prepared students.

“This portion of the plan asks that we create a new curricular structure that delivers a nationally-recognized, innovative curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences through immersive, engaged learning,” Minar said.

The curriculum calls for a distinctive approach to a liberal arts and sciences program, he added. A task force—Strategic Planning Around Reorganization of the Curriculum, also known as SPARC—was created in 2016 to achieve this goal.

“Our objective also was a tall order: Develop and deliver a model of teaching and learning, which through the curriculum and co-curriculum, aligns with a truly distinctive Franklin College approach to the liberal arts and science,” Minar said. “SPARC has given the opportunity for faculty to consider the next generation of curriculum, and to continue doing what we have done so well as an institution for 183 years.”

Minar said the college is emphasizing STEM learning, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. He repeatedly noted that Franklin College is both a liberal arts and science school.


It’s easy to spot the biggest change in the college since last year: the rebranding.

The rebranding was a 16-month process working with Ologie, a Columbus, Ohio-based firm. The process resulted in graffiti-style, two-word “pursue” messaging on signs around campus.

“We worked with our partners to connect the realism of what we learned with our aspirations, giving us a blueprint to articulate what we are as a college,” Minar said.

He thanked Marketing Director Theresa Lehman for her contributions to the new brand.

“It’s a visible reminder to seek the best in ourselves and in everyone we meet,” Minar said. “Through the new brand, we’re emphasizing our attributes and connecting to the students who want to be part of a small college community that’s highly personalized and steeped in career-focused liberal arts.”


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