Couple follows dreams, teaches together

By Ally Marlow

Most Franklin students know Susan Crisafulli as an English professor and Nick Crisafulli as a theater director, but they may not think of them as husband and wife with two children at home.

“It’s fun; we don’t see each other a whole lot with our opposite schedules, but we do catch glimpses of each other,” Susan Crisafulli said of working with her husband.

Susan and Nick Crisafulli met each other when they were 18 while attending Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. It was a small liberal arts college very similar to Franklin, where they said they knew everyone and had close relationships with professors.

“You could not be lost in the crowd there,” Susan Crisafulli said.

By the age of 19, the young couple officially started dating. Susan was majoring in English while Nick was studied philosophy. Their dream and goal was to graduate, go to graduate school and teach at a small liberal arts school like the one they had attended. All of these events did end up happening, but it took a little longer than expected, with about a 10-12 year gap.

Now, the couple happily works together at Franklin College.

“I don’t think there are any drawbacks to working with each other,” Susan Crisafulli said. “I used to think we’d need space from each other, from being around each other constantly at work and home, but now I realized that we really don’t.”

Sophomore Chelsea Platt has been a student of both Crisafullis.

“The two are complete opposites from each other,” Platt said. “She is really organized and structured where as he is more spontaneous; they prove the saying that ‘opposites attract’ is true.”

The Crisafullis may be opposites, but their children, ages 6 and 8, share their parents’ love for education and learning new things. The couple’s children come to campus often and sit in on their parents’ classes. Their son will sit in front of Nick Crisafulli’s class and take notes.

“My son already absolutely, positively wants to go to Franklin, and I remember my mom taught at a small college in my hometown and when I was eight years old I wanted to go to Lincoln College,” Nick Crisafulli said. “I would welcome either of my kids to go to college here, but I prefer them to have a more independent experience mainly because I believe that to have had a big impact on me and who I am today.”

Both Crisafullis admitted one of the biggest advantages of working at the same college is the aspect of childcare. When the two see each other for a short time, they can figure out who will pick up the kids after work and talk with each other.

“I think it’s an adorable story, the Crisafullis,” Platt said. “It’s been fun to have both as a professor, and see the differences between the two, but know that they love each other dearly. It gives us students hope that things do work out the way you want it to sometimes, you just have to be patient and wait for it.”

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