County’s first tourism director aims to put area on the map

With years of experience at Indiana Dunes Tourism in Porter County, Ken Kosky may be just the right person to lead Johnson County’s tourism efforts. 

Kosky recently stepped into the newly-formed role of Johnson County tourism director on April 10. Now, he and the county’s convention, visitor and tourism board will start from the ground up to build a tourism bureau for the county. 

Photo provided by Ken Kosky.

The board, made up of nine members appointed by the Johnson County Commissioners and the Greenwood Mayor, decided last year to appropriate $75,000 in their 2017 budget to hire a tourism director. 

“I want to share the vision I have to boost tourism and gather people’s inputs,” Kosky said. 

This vision is one he said will ultimately put Johnson County on the map. 

In an effort to accomplish his long-term goals, along with his marketing and program development ventures, Kosky will continuously meet with local government officials, city chambers, media outlets and other key stakeholders to ensure Johnson County is the place to be. 

Kosky said he sees great potential in the area with its strong golfing scene, multitude of craft beer and winery spots and plethora of outdoor recreational areas. 

“I want to make Johnson County considered a top destination for people looking for fall hikes and drives, make it one of the best golf getaways in the Midwest,” he said. “I want to make us an overall family destination. If people are looking for somewhere to get away, consider us.” 

He said he also aims to strengthen the tourism board’s website and establish a printed guide companion available to tourists as they enter the county, as well as boost sports, business and event tourism. 

Kosky specifically looks forward to building a relationship with Franklin College officials to see how the college and community can build synergy together in the area. 

As for the Franklin community itself, he said the downtown climate continues to grow and thrive. His hope for the city is to attract people off of the interstate and into the city, allowing Franklin to showcase itself as a standalone destination. 

But with a list of objectives he aims to fulfill, Kosky said he couldn’t do it without a little help from his crew. 

“I’m fortunate to work with a strong board engaged in the community,” Kosky said. “I can’t do it all alone, but with assistance from people engaged in the community, we can accomplish our goals.” 

Kosky said Johnson County already feels like home to him. While his contract runs through the end of 2017, he hopes to stay in the county for a long time to ultimately finish what he set out to accomplish — making Johnson County a destination.

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